We can see you in church or by Zoom each Sunday! 
Online Sunday Worship services are available. Follow the link on the Home page.

Stony Plain United Church is a dedicated family that welcomes all.  We pride ourselves on being open, friendly and inclusive.  We work hard at building community within and respecting one another’s differences and showing empathy. We share many of the same values. If something needs to be done, there are always volunteers willing to lend a hand, which speaks clearly to our mission:  “To reach out, through the Gospel of Christ, to minister to our congregation,  local community, national and world families.”

The programs at our church change according to season, needs, and interests.  Current ministries include weekly worship; Pastoral Care; adult study; Music and Choir; an Endings and Beginnings program to support those dealing with grief and death; Card Crafters; Quilts for Seniors; youth group program; and Sunday School. 

Our Church is well-maintained; versatile; open for community programs; has a variety of meeting spaces to meet the needs of various sized groups and is shared with many groups.
   Coffee after church on most Sundays. 
   Breakfast - last Sunday of the month (from January to May, and from September to November).
   Lunch Sunday - once a month (from January to May, and from September to November).