Choir - The choir is a fun place and welcomes everyone. Terry, our director, selects uplifting choral music and our excellent accompanists, Meredith and Sue, help us learn and present the pieces to a most appreciative  congregation. Terry found a recent article that speaks to the magic of being in a choir. It's not just magic there is science too!  Below is a clip from the article by Jaimie Babbitt, and a link. (The article has a link to a nice choral piece too!)

 "Any of us who have sung in choirs know all too well the joy it brings not just the audiences, but also the choir members themselves. And why wouldn’t it? When we raise our voices with lots of other gorgeous voices in a big, beautiful space, it feels like we’re altering molecules. The power, the mojo that this (relatively) small time commitment offers…how is it possible? Well, according to various scientific reports, we are altering molecules…inside our brains, with different changes occurring whether listening to music, singing, or singing with others. Our voices don’t have to be “professional strength” to derive these myriad health benefits."

Link to the article "Your Brain and Singing: Why Singing in a Choir Makes You Happier" by Jaime Babbitt: