The original sanctuary of our building was built in 1957, and in 1994, a large new sanctuary was added. 

Stony Plain United Church began in 1907 as a Methodist Church in its present day location.  After the church was destroyed by a fire in 1952, a new building was constructed with a manse built beside the church. In the early 1993 the congregation decide to expand the facility. So the manse was removed and a new sanctuary and offices were built. The first service in the new sanctuary was held in 1994. 

The Mewassin United Church was was built as a Reformed Church in 1926 to meet the needs of the local residents, many who originated from Norka, Russia. By 1995 it decided to become a part of the United Church of Canada. 

Together Mewassin and Stony Plain churches form a Pastoral Charge or Community of Faith. They are governed by an Official Board.