(Original 1998; Revised 2010, 2014, 2015, 2020)





  • Membership on the Council will include both members and adherents of Stony Plain United Church.
  • The Nominating Committee will nominate all persons to the Council, who will approve their appointment.
  • The Congregation will ratify nomination of members of the Council at the Annual Congregational Meeting.
  • All positions on the Council will be for a three-year term. Nominees may be re-elected for a second term in the same position.  Nominees may be appointed by Council to fill a new or vacated position pending approval at the next Annual Congregational Meeting. The exception to this is the Past-Chairperson whose term is for one year only.
  • Special Meetings of the Council will be called by the chairperson, the Executive or by written request of five members of the Council.



  • Members of the Council will include:
    • The Executive – Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Recording Secretary and Treasurer; and the Past-Chairperson
    • The Minister (non-voting member)
    • Northern Spirit Region Representative
    • One representative of each Committee and Organization (UCW/UCM), as defined in the Constitution



  • The Executive will have the power to act on behalf of the Council in response to emergencies which arise between Council meetings.




  • The Council meeting schedule will be dependent on the full-time equivalency of the Minister.   The Council will meet quarterly and will not meet in July and August, except for ad hoc or special circumstances.
  • The meetings will last no longer than two hours. Council may vote to extend the length of the Council meeting by one-half hour.
  • Members of the Council are expected to attend each meeting. If they cannot attend, they should notify the Chairperson of their planned absence.
  • The quorum of the Council will constitute five members of the Council. If the Minister cannot be in attendance, the Council will defer any major decisions.





  • Prepare an agenda prior to each Council meeting.
  • Chair the Council meeting.
  • Ensure that the decisions of the Council are carried out.



  • Assist the Chairperson in his/her duties.
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in his/her absence, as requested.


Recording Secretary

  • Record the minutes of each Council meeting in the manner required by the United Church of Canada. This person shall be known as the Clerk of Session.
  • Ensure that minutes are identified, signed by the Chairperson and the Recording Secretary and dated.
  • Record names of those in attendance.
  • Record motions with name of those who moved and seconded them.
  • State the names of those responsible for motions requiring actions.
  • Submit a copy of the minutes to the Church Administrative Assistant who will be responsible for distribution to Council members.



  • Pay monthly assessment to the Official Board account.
  • Pay accounts authorized by the budget or by a duly recorded motion of the Council.
  • Prepare a monthly financial statement which will be distributed to Council members.
  • Receive, record and administer the finances of the congregation; however, Council may grant specific groups the authority to administer their own funds. Provide an audited financial statement in the Annual Report.
  • Present a proposed budget for the next calendar year by the November Council meeting.
  • Provide support to the Bookkeeper, as required
  • Serve on the Financial Stewardship Committee.




Christian Development and Youth

  • Carry out the Christian education of the congregation through the Church School, youth work and adult programming, including mission education
  • Support the Youth Worker and the youth program.
  • Provide resources for programming.
  • Provide training for leaders.
  • Administer the library.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


Congregational Care

  • Maintain contact with members of the congregation.
  • Review the congregation list bi-annually, discuss pastoral needs, and move names to Friends/Inactive list
  • Arrange for special transportation needs.
  • Respond to special needs of the congregation; e.g., newcomers, ill or bereaved.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


Congregational Personnel Committee

  • Hire or appoint persons, in consultation with Council, to all Stony Plain United Church non-salaried or term positions
  • Establish remuneration, job descriptions, terms of service for the persons, and agreement forms, in consultation with the Committee to whom the person will report, as directed by the Committee or in support of the Committee.
  • Provide on-going support and liaison for the staff and their respective Committee, making recommendations to Council regarding any concerns
  • The person reports directly to their respective Committee, and their Committee will provide direction, and will handle the person’s responsibilities and the execution of that person’s duties
  • Evaluate remuneration standards, conduct market research, and review requests for adjustments, as required
  • Advise Financial Stewards and the person responsible for payroll, the payment requirements for the individual
  • Maintain staff personnel files
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


Financial Stewardship Committee

  • Interpret to Council and congregation the need for funds to carry out the mission of the Church, locally, nationally and universally.
  • Ensure that at least two people count, tabulate and deposit Sunday offerings.
  • Keep an account of all offering envelopes and identifiable donations.  Randomly issue offering statements.
  • Provide official receipts for income tax purposes.
  • Acknowledge all memorials and monetary gifts, by issuing receipts and forward a list of donors of these gifts to families.
  • Order and distribute offering envelopes.
  • Review and track the financial transactions made by the Committees of the church.
  • Keep accurate records of memorials.
  • Recommend to Council the utilization of memorial funds as per policy.
  • Assist in the development of financial policies that adhere to all CRA regulations
  • Ensure annual audit of all finances by appointed members who are not on the Financial Stewards Committee
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


United Church Women/Mission

  • Inform the congregation of the social issues of the Mission Division of the national church
  • Administer the Broadview magazine subscription plan.
  • Publicize and encourage support for the Mission & Service Fund.
  • Enhance programming for women in the congregation
  • Provide catering, as requested and available
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget
  • Submit to the National Church, the annual Mission and Service Goal



  • Nominate all Trustees, Council and Committee members.
  • Present nominees to regular Council meetings and to the Annual Meeting for ratification.
  • Receive requests for personnel from Council and Committees.
  • Receive names of people, from the congregation, Council and Committees, who are suggested for positions or wish to serve in some capacity.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


Property Committee

  • Maintain and improve all land, structures and property belonging to the Stony Plain United Church.
  • Coordinate outsourced maintenance, as needed; such as, but not limited to: yearly certification of fire protection systems and elevator inspections.
  • Contribute to the Job Description of the Caretaker, and monitor the scope and quality of the services rendered
  • Negotiate all rental and use of facilities arrangements.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.



  • Appoint Catering Coordinator and oversee congregational catering.
  • Appoint Lunch Sunday Coordinator and oversee program.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.



  • Legally hold land and buildings in trust on behalf of the congregation and the United Church of Canada.
  • Act upon the direction of the Council and/or Northern Spirit Region regarding property matters, such as building additions, sale, mortgage, exchange, lease, etc.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


United Church Men

  • Enhance programming for men in the congregation.
  • Provide catering services, as requested and available.
  • Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.


Worship and Sacraments Committee

  • Oversee the worship services and the sanctuary.
  • Evaluate worship services.
  • Collaborate with the Minister on the liturgy (Order of Worship).
  • Arrange pulpit supply when the Minister is on holidays or study leave.
  • Oversee and support the music program of the congregation, the choir director, the accompanist(s) and the purchase of the music.
  • Look after the pulpit, the Communion Table, flowers, banners, posters, decorations.
  • Prepare the Communion elements and care for the Communion vessels.
  • Arrange for and instruct servers prior to Communion Services.
  • Arrange for greeters, ushers and those receiving the offering.
  • Examine and recommend to the Council new members to be received by Confirmation, Restoration or Transfer of Membership.
  • Recommend to Council the baptism, funeral, and wedding policies.
  • Oversee the nursery program.
  • Oversee the technology for worship.

Submit to Council by November 30 an annual operating budget.