The Stony Plain United Church Congregational Care Committee is composed of our Minister, a Chairperson and volunteer members of the Church Family.

The Committee meets every second Wednesday of the month.  The goals of the Committee are varied, but mainly to achieve outreach to the congregation and the community and to show care and concern for our Church Family during significant life events.  We want to be with you during your significant life events.

We attempt to achieve our goals by welcoming new and existing members by greeting people at the front door every Sunday.  Church members are always asked to please keep us informed if someone is ill or needs a visit, card or telephone call. 

Some congregational members assist by knitting bears that are given to someone in hospital, or to children when they are baptized or experience a loss.

There is also a Prayer Box located on a table at the back of the sanctuary.  The Committee follows up on Prayer requests from people in the congregation.  These requests can be for people who are ill, had a loss of a loved one, people anywhere in the world who are suffering or to celebrate a happy occasion for anyone be that family, friends or community or world-wide good news.

We have an "Endings and Beginnings" service held annually on the last Sunday in January to organize a special candle lighting service for families who lost a loved one during the last year.

You can reach us by speaking directly to our Minister or any member of the Committee, filling out one of the cards that are located throughout the pews, or sending an email. All communications are confidential.