What’s your favorite Christmas Memory?


Hmmmm?  While you are thinking I’ll share some of mine. Well … when the door of my grandparents’ house opened and we stepped in. The magic of Christmas enveloped us. It was like stepping into another dimension from the winter outside to the warmth inside. The smell of the food in the kitchen just hit you. The clatter in kitchen and the chatter of everyone talking in the living room. My cousins racing around the house yelling and often some neighbors visiting that I hadn’t met before. There were colored lights and music. And the Christmas tree, sometimes fresh cut and fragrant. It was covered with lights and old ornaments probably handed down from my grandmother’s grandmother. There were the presents under the tree all wrapped in bright colors with ribbons. We would have a big supper together and share stories. Later someone might start playing and we would sing carols together. There were sweet treats of cookies and desserts.  Eventually things would wind down and I would wake up the next morning not knowing where the evening left off and my dreaming began.


Sound familiar? Maybe you were lucky like me to have memories like that to look back on. Maybe you didn’t. Regardless, they are good memories and so worth having.  The Stony Plain United Church has an Advent Supper and Cantata each year and would very much like to share it with you, your friends, your family and provide similar memories for you. You can enjoy the nice dinner. Talk with friends, family and neighbors. Sing carols. Indulge in desserts. Listen to the music and cantata program. And then take that memory home with you and keep it.


This year the Advent supper is ham, scalloped potatoes, Lazy cabbage rolls, and the trimmings for $20 per person. Yes it includes dessert. The music program starts with Christmas carols including the old favorites. This is followed by a few ensemble pieces. Then the choir Cantata program begins. This year it is Love Made a Way, by Mary McDonald and Jay Rouse. It is followed by a short Afterglow downstairs. Then later you wake up in the morning, humming some of the tunes you heard, and thinking of the folks you talked with over dinner. 

Dinner 5PM $20 per person

Cantata Program 7PM (free!)

Call the church office for tickets.  780-963-4745