11 January, 2022


Hi Everyone,

It’s so nice to feel the temperature rising and the sun shining.  These little reprieves definitely make the winters seem shorter don’t they?

When I was working in Children’s Ministry, I had one little guy ask me if Jesus was ‘allowed’ to have any fun.  What a great question!  And one we don’t have much to go on to answer.  I decided to do a lesson set on Kids in the First Century and how they played…what they they learned etc.  We had so much fun!

But what about once Jesus was no longer a child?  What did he do to relax then?  Did he even get a chance to be social and forget about his vocation for even a few hours?  Well, the answer is kind of ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  He did have fun, at least in one story from John when he attended a wedding with some of his family.  But he didn’t get to forget about his vocation for very long because he was expected to rescue the wedding host from embarrassment when the wine ran out.  It’s kind of like being a doctor on an airplane and needing to step in to help a sick passenger 30,000 ft in the air.  Jesus was, at least in John’s words gracious and saved the day, turning water into good wine.

The question is, is this a story about Jesus performing party tricks?  Why do you think John feels the need to include this short story in his Gospel?  We really can’t know, however we can reflect and that is what we will be doing this Sunday.  We will also be celebrating communion, so if you are joining us from home, please have a piece of bread or bun and some juice or whatever you prefer ready as we share in this holy feast.

Come in person or over Zoom, and let’s create community together even as we are physically apart.


In peace,






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