June 03 2020  

Hello friends,
Is it difficult to believe that June has arrived? What happened to April and May? Many of us are only just beginning to venture out of our isolation and while we may be glad to experience some of the things we looked forward to while in ‘lockdown’, we also know that we must remain careful.

Some of you have been wondering when we will be able to meet in person in Stony Plain and Mewassin to worship in community and get back to the many things that bring us to our Churches. We want to see one another face to face, of that there is no doubt. However, our first priority will always be the health and safety of each and every one of you. We must be able to meet every one of the recommendations set out by both the Government and our own Regional Council at this point in the pandemic, not just minimally, but with the surety that we are doing everything to help stop the spread of COVID-19. I promise to keep you informed as the situation evolves.

This week we are setting out on a journey with the Disciples. This would take them to far flung corners of their 1 century world, as they began to spread the Good News of God’s Kingdom on earth. These followers of Jesus faced a challenging task. They stumbled many times and faced much hardship. But through it all, Christianity began to form and grow and change and adapt. We are in the midst of so much uncertainty these days and are facing many of the same struggles those first Disciples faced. The question we must ask, as a community of faith is, ‘”how do we remain faithful to Jesus’ words in Matthew 28 as a Church in this age of social unrest, pandemic, increasing gap between rich and poor, and injustice based on skin colour, religion, gender identity, or ethnicity?”

You are once again invited to join our virtual worship service via Zoom or phone. Numbers are at the top of this weeks’ bulletin.

In peace,


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