For January 29, 2023


This Sunday our scriptures lead us to following, but what are we following?  As we continue on in the Season of Epiphany, we focus on the hard work of following Jesus in the daily busy time of our lives.

Part of our reading from Matthew this week is one we all are familiar with, especially the part “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  With such strong faith it seems these fishermen literally drop everything and followed Jesus.

I don't believe that is something we are expected to do in our lives of today, drop everything.  But I do believe, as we go through our daily lives, surrounded with bad news or struggles, we are still able to do that same mission, take the faith of the fishermen, as they showed us, and continue to follow Jesus, living with Jesus within us, so we can be fishermen to all those around us, as we serve with the joy and compassion within our daily lives.

This Sunday we will look at the journey of following and serving.



Yours in faith,



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