9 June, 2021

Good morning everyone,

Wonderful rainy day today!  I’m not a farmer but I can imagine that this rain after those few days of heat must be a great thing. (?) It has gotten me to thinking about blessings in disguise, or to put it another way, the many times we fail to see a blessing because it comes to us outside of our preconceived ideas.

The Scripture readings for this week remind us of the risk in judging what is a blessing based on outward appearances.  The people of Israel had demanded a King to lead them, but the King they got was not ideal.  This was Saul, and when he died it fell to Samuel to find and declare who would be his successor.  The story of Samuel finding and choosing David is a wonderful lesson for us all about the way that blessings can be hidden if we only look at the surface.
David was not a perfect person by any means, he had deep flaws. However he was a very effective King who led his people to a period of prosperity such as had never been seen before.

Most us remember learning the stories of David as a young boy defeating Goliath, and one of our favourite Psalms (Psalm 23) he likely composed.  He was a much loved ruler of Israel but had it not been for God’s influence he would never have been anointed, all because he did not fit human notion of ‘Kingly’ material.  How he was chosen by the prophet Samuel makes for a very good story, and there is a lesson for us all there too.

This week, we are offering in-person worship to those who choose to join us.  Mewassin will have a service at 9:00 followed by a welcome back outdoor coffee time. Stony Plain can host up to 20% of our capacity, following all the COVID guidelines. At this point we don’t feel it necessary for you to ‘pre-book’ a spot at church. We will continue to offer worship via ZOOM still, so please choose whichever you feel comfortable with.

There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. It has been a difficult time. May all the lessons we learned during these past months stay with us as we move toward normality, for they led us to value one another greatly and appreciate the blessings we have, disguised or not.


In peace,




IMPORTANT: Re-Opening at Stony Plain United or Mewassin United.  You are also welcome to join us via Zoom or telephone where our small but talented worship team will bring you the spoken word and music.  Worship will take place at 10:30 AM each Sunday as usual.  Please contact the Church Office at 780-963-4745 for login information. 



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