For September 25, 2022


Aba Wathtech (Good Day, Hello),

Hope everyone is enjoying their September and the nice fall weather we are having - I actually had frost on my car this morning.  As September comes to an end, it is a time to reflect on our relations with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.  Currently I am in my third year of working as a teacher at Nakoda Elementary School which is located adjacent to the mountains west of Calgary on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation.  On Sunday I’ll be sharing some of my experiences over the last couple of years and what I have learned.

At school this week and next we are taking time to recognize two very important days to the Stoney Nakoda.  This Thursday we are recognizing Treaty Day which is the day that Treaty 7 was signed 145 years ago.  It was a Methodist missionary, Reverend John McDougall, who played a significant role in the signing of this treaty and betrayed the Stoney Nakoda people in the spirit and intent of the treaty.  This is where the painful history between the Stoney Nakoda people and the United Church began.  Just a few years later this would lead to the start of the McDougall Orphanage and Day School and later lead to the Morley Residential School which was managed by the United Church and closed in 1969, both located on Stoney Nakoda land.

Next week we will be recognizing The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day, both on September 30.  On this day we commemorate the history and legacy of residential schools.  We wear orange shirts to bring awareness of the individual, family and community inter-generational impacts of residential schools, and to promote the concept of “Every Child Matters."  The orange shirt is a symbol of the stripping away of culture, freedom and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children over generations.  At school we will recognize these days as a whole school by wearing orange shirts and having a walk to honour residential school survivors, as well as, classroom activities to honour the day.

I encourage everyone to wear orange on Sunday to show support for our Indigenous brothers and sisters.  I look forward to sharing on Sunday.


Isniyes (Thank You),




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