We have a directive from Alberta Health cancelling events, including Worship (see below). Also we have received a recommendation from the national church to suspend worship, etc. 

Many of our members are over 60 putting them in the COVID high risk category.  

For more information click the link below.

Alberta Health Services - COVID


Many of us in our congregations are in the high risk group of the Novel-Corona Virus (COVID-19). While this pandemic is still in its early stages we can take simple measures to minimize risk of its transmission.  There are three main things we can and should each do according to the major health authorities.

1 - Wash your hands with soap and water. (Alternatively use a hand sanitizer.)

2 - Avoid touching your face. 

3 - Keep a safe distance from others (1 to 2 meters) 

Other things we can do include the following: Cover your cough or sneeze. Cough into your elbow or under your coat to contain fine droplets from your breath. Don't shake hands or hug when greeting people. Touch elbows or feet or bow or other gesture to minimize person to person contact. If you want to use a facial mask make sure you understand correct fitting and use methods. Incorrectly used masks may actually increase risk of transmission. 

Below are links to some health authorities for more information. 


WHO Update

Alberta Health Care Info

United Church of Canada Information