Is our world just falling apart at the seams? What to our future generations have to look forward to? What things can we do or not do to improve our world for ourselves and others? With so much sensationalism in the media and gossip on social media, how do we sift through so much information in order to set our priorities and form our own opinions? 

This program consists of some recorded lectures that are available on the internet from world class academics and experts. We can listen to them present facts and hopefully lead us to better understand world issues. We will show these lectures right here in the church for you to enjoy and learn. Then we will follow up with some discussion.  The links are noted so you can watch again or share with a friend.


Previous Lectures:

Feb 02 - Lecture 1 - 2020 Vision - VL-01 New Insights on Poverty by Hans Rosling

Feb 16 - Lecture 2 - 2020 Vision - VL-02 Clean Disruptions - Energy and Transportation, Tony Seba

Mar 01 - Lecture 3 - 2020 Vision - VL-03 A New Perspective on Climate Change, Matt Ridley 

Apr 05 - Lecture 4 - 2020 Vision - VL-04 - Re-Imagining Church, Patrick Darnell, TEDxAugusta 

Jun 01 - Lecture 5 - 2020 Vision - VL-05 - Innovating Our Way Out of the COVID Pandemic, Deepak Srivastava