Virtual Sunday Worship Link:  
Join us at 10:30AM Sunday mornings
for worship together. 

See Minister's Message and link to bulletin. We are still trying new and better ways to provide our worship experience. Thanks for your patience and support. 

STONY PLAIN & MEWASSIN VIRTUAL WORSHIP SERVICE: Worship via Teleconference at 10:30 AM each  Sunday.  A link to a bulletin for the service is available here on our website's home page.  A "Coffee Time" will be held immediately after the service, and the link will be left open for chatting. Link information available from the Sue in the office or by Erna's email blast.

It has been decided that we will continue to perform our worship services in this way until such time as things can return to normal.  During the service, please mute your microphones so as to reduce background noise (you are, of course, free to un-mute your microphone if you are reading or leading a prayer, or asking/answering a question).  If you cannot mute your microphone, than we ask that you please be very quiet during the service.  We also ask that, when conversing, you speak slowly and try to avoid talking over anyone else.

Church doors will be locked until further notice: The church office is still operating for phone, email and regular mail. However all worship, meetings and other gatherings are suspended until further notice. This is to minimize the spread of the current COVID pandemic. 


NORTHERN SPIRIT REGIONAL COUNCIL:  The website is now in place  Be sure to check it out!

REQUEST FROM REHOBOTH:  As you know, our church has a long-standing relationship with Rehoboth in Stony Plain.  Apart from government funding, Rehoboth relies on fundraising and donations to support over 240 clients with cognitive disabilities across Alberta.  This year, due to COVID-19, all of Rehoboth's major fundraising events have been cancelled, greatly reducing its revenue stream while leaving it facing increased COVID-related expenses, such as PPE.  If you are able to help out financially at this time, any donation would be greatly appreciated.  Please send your donation to: Rehoboth Christian Ministries, 3920-49 Avenue, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2J7.