For May 26, 2024


Sometimes what goes around, comes around.  Similarly if it was good enough once, then it must be good enough once again.  Well, a while back I gave a sermon on Trinity Sunday.  I did a fair bit of research and learned some interesting things about the history and different perspectives.  So recently, I found it, blew off the dust and going beyond, I updated it for us this week. 

The story about the Trinity, like a piece of fine art, is rich in texture and nuance. Each individual's interpretive experience may be unique; but will follow the three-in-one theme. We will learn how one deity is both one and three. We will also learn how this notion was key and pulled the church together keeping it from fragmenting at a critical time.

So this week think of things, ordinary things - kids playing, world news, apple pie, neighbors, roses, smell of a rainstorm, sound of thunder, a poem, a story, new grass.  Take a moment to find God in these things.  Which aspect of the Trinity relates best to us on these things?  From Higgs bosons, atoms and photons to galaxies and the universe; from a mother's tear of joy to the child's love of a pet; from acts of charity to genuine listening to an adversary, how does the representation of the Trinity help us to better understand these things as they relate to God?

Perhaps those moments of “seeing real” are gifts of the Spirit and a lesson in and call to Christian action.  I think it is also an invitation to find ways to let others know that they are seen and appreciated.


Terry Blois

This week's bulletin