Stony Plain United Church is a dedicated family that welcomes all.  We pride ourselves on being open, friendly and inclusive.  We work hard at building community within and respecting one another’s differences and showing empathy. We share many of the same values. If something needs to be done, there are always volunteers willing to lend a hand, which speaks clearly to our mission:  “To reach out, through the Gospel of Christ, to minister to our congregation,  local community, national and world families.”

The programs at our church change according to season, needs, and interests.  Current ministries include weekly worship; Pastoral Care; adult study; Music and Choir; an Endings and Beginnings program to support those dealing with grief and death; Card Crafters; Quilts for Seniors; youth group program; and Sunday School.

The original sanctuary of our building was built in 1957, and in 1994, a large new sanctuary was added. Our Church is well-maintained; versatile; open for community programs; has a variety of meeting spaces to meet the needs of various sized groups and is shared with many groups.

Facilities Rentals

The Stony Plain United Church is more than a place for Sunday Services.  It is also a gathering place in our community.

The church facilities are used by local groups such as the Girl Guides and Al-Anon because it is central in the town and has the ability to accommodate their groups.  When you walk in the door. you will find yourself in the Atrium, with benches, boot and coat racks.  From here, you can access the various areas of the church.  There are bathrooms located upstairs and down stairs on both the east and west sides.  There are ramps and an elevator for wheelchair access throughout the building.

On many evenings, you may find our lights on and our doors open for a concert, committee meetings, dinners, weddings, and so on.

If you or your organization require a facility to use, either for a onetime event or for regular meetings, you might find we have what you need.  Below is a list of the main facility areas that are rented.

If you would like to inquire further or book the facilities for an event, please contact the church offices by phone at (780) 963-4745, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a PDF file with a layout of the church.
(link here)

Here is a PDF file with photos of the areas around the church.
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